rdeck (rdeck) wrote,

UFOs but no 'flying saucers'

Sober minded and serious observers have long known that there are no such thing as flying saucers, as the debunkers like to scornfully characterize the UFO phenomena, but that UFOs are far more real than Obama's "liberalism".

While many of us have good-naturedly put up with our unimaginative and easily misled friends, the time has come to put this nonsense to rest once and for all -- UFOs are real, governments know more about them than they want to admit but are as baffled by them as the rest of mankind, and they have been around for thousands of years.

The debunkers claim that "there are no flying saucers, no aliens, no 'advanced race of humanoids' in the universe", which, of course, puts them in the same category as flat earthers and other kooks. Debunkers who claim that astronomers  and other scientists dismiss UFOs are, as usual, responding only to their own prejudices and ignorance. Real scientists place about the same degree of reliability in the debunkers as they do in the accuracy of fortune tellers.

Some debunkers even go as far  to make the ridiculous arguments  that "if aliens had made the great effort to traverse interstellar distances to come here, they wouldn't just meet a few well-known cranks, make a few circles in corn fields and go away again." That, of course, makes a host of erroneous, unscientific and untested and untestable assumptions about the state of their knowledge, and about the universe.

It is on par with a member of stone age tribe declaring that talk of alien civilizations outside the jungle is utterly absurd because if they exist why has he never heard their drums?

Some debunkers who work for  government agencies that lie for a living claim that they have never seen any 'evidence' of UFOs that they believe and therefore conclude that no one else has either.

But don't be too hard on the debunkers, they are simply incapable of examining the evidence without resorting to their inherent prejudices and blind spots. They are more to be pitied than scorned.

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