rdeck (rdeck) wrote,

Taxes and other lies

A friend sent me an email essay on why Obama will win a second term by someone who fears and loathes it. It contained the standard right-wing lie about "the nearly one-half of all adults who do not pay any taxes."

That, of course, is pure bullshit..

It is not true that nearly half of all adults pay no taxes. The author was playing games with the income tax and totally ignoring all other taxes -- Social Security tax, sales tax, gas taxes, and 100 others. And the poorer you are, the more you pay - the poor pay a much greater percentage of their income than do the middle-class, the wealthy, or the 1%, who pay practically nothing.

But he is probably right about Obama winning. The Republican candidate will be a dangerous Neanderthal, so Obama will manage to look fairly sane, no matter that he is a dangerous lunatic in its own right who will almost assuredly get us into war with Iran while shredding the rest of our civil rights.

I won't throw my vote away on either of the candidates for the War Party. As I have now for 20 years, I will vote for a third-party.

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