April 30th, 2007


Deadly media

If you didn't watch Bill Moyers' special on PBS, Buying the War, you missed out on a great indictment of America's corporate media for cheerleading the war on Iraq. There were few mea culpas from prominent newsmen, but most were silent or defended their non-reporting.

And unfortunately, nothing has changed. The corporate media are still lackeys of this dangerous and reactionary administration.

Take, for example, Rep. Dennis Kucinich's filing of a bill of impeachment against Dick Cheney in the House. Don't know about it? Not surprising since it wasn't covered in the corporate media.

According to Dave Lindorff, it went unreported in the New York Times, supposedly the nation's newspaper of record. "As for the Washington Post, the next day all it had was a sophomoric, pissy column by Dana Milbank, which spent most of its time belittling Kucinich's short stature and bad hairstyle."

Saturday, there were demonstrations in more than 100 cities, 150 by one count, calling for impeachment of Bush and Cheney. You wouldn't know about it if your only source of information was the corporate media. Lindorff notes that the impeachment demonstrations went unmentioned in Sunday's New York Times. The Washington Post did have a small piece about the event at the Washington Monument, but it failed to mention that the demonstrations were nationwide. Few, if any, newspapers in the country covered them.

We are going to hell in a handbasket and the corporate media is content to silently watch.

Writers, remember...

"And it does no harm to repeat, as often as you can, 'Without me the literary industry would not exist: the publishers, the agents, the sub-agents, the sub-sub-agents, the accountants, the libel lawyers, the departments of literature, the professors, the theses, the books of criticism, the reviewers, the book pages - all this vast and proliferating edifice is because of this small, patronized, put-down and underpaid person."
Doris Lessing